Water and Wastewater / Services

We provide feasibility studies, municipal class environmental assessments, detail design and construction administration services required for the construction/replacement/rehabilitation of water & wastewater collection, treatment, storage and distribution systems.

General Water & Wastewater Sector Services Provided by RAE

  •   Feasibility study and capital cost estimating services
  •   Functional service studies for new developments and securing municipal approvals
  •   Stormwater management studies, flood studies, creek meander analysis and channel/culvert design
  •   Environmental assessments and project filing
  •   Master servicing plans
  •   Detail design and secure approval for collection, treatment, storage and distribution systems
  •   Construction cost estimates
  •   Project management and tendering services
  •   Risk management and value engineering
  •   Expert advisory
  •   System commissioning and operator training
  •   Hydraulic modeling and advisory services for water, sanitary and stormwater systems.
  •   Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) assessments
  •   Trenchless designs for underground pipes (pipe rehabilitation, tunnel, HDD)
  •   Controls and SCADA systems design and maintenance
  •   Compliance applications and amendment support (permit applications, Certificates of Approval)

Specialized Wastewater Sector Services Provided by RAE

  •   Effluent characterization and treatability studies
  •   Process optimization and plant audits
  •   Conventional and advanced biological treatment system design and construction
  •   Pre-treatment of sewer discharges
  •   Treatment of contaminated groundwater
  •   Landfill leachate collection and treatment
  •   In-house accredited laboratory support
  •   Wastewater minimization strategies
  •   Sludge and residuals management
  •   Plant commissining and operator training

Specialized Water Sector Services Provided by RAE

  •   Treatment equipment technology evaluation
  •   Hydraulic modeling of water distribution systems
  •   Residuals Management
  •   Source Water Protection
  •   Treatment Plant Optimization
  •   Plant Audits
  •   SCADA Systems
  •   Instrumentation design and assessment
  •   Equipment Supply and Installation
  •   Plant Commissioning and Operator Training