Water and Wastewater

/ We deliver design and construction administration and tailor-made turnkey solutions.

We deliver design-build, design and construction administration and tailor-made turnkey solutions for water and wastewater needs from small scale to large scale to all industries and municipalities.  We also assist our clients to procure right equipment, state-of-the art technologies and expertise to upgrade and maintain existing facilities.  Feel free to explore the line of products and services we offer to our clients.

We provide feasibility studies, municipal class environmental assessments, detailed engineering and construction administration services required for the construction/replacement/rehabilitation of water & wastewater collection, treatment, storage and distribution systems.

General Water & Wastewater Sector Services Provided by RAE

  • Feasibility study and capital cost estimating services
  • Functional service studies for new developments and securing municipal approvals
  • Stormwater management studies, flood studies, creek meander analysis and channel/culvert design
  • Environmental assessments and project filing
  • Master servicing plans
  • Detail design and secure approval for collection, treatment, storage and distribution systems
  • Construction cost estimates
  • Project management and tendering services
  • Risk management and value engineering
  • Expert advisory
  • System commissioning and operator training
  • Hydraulic modelling and advisory services for water, sanitary and stormwater systems.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) assessments
  • Trenchless designs for underground pipes (pipe rehabilitation, tunnel, HDD)
  • Controls and SCADA systems design and maintenance
  • Compliance applications and amendment support (permit applications, Certificates of Approval)
  • Engineering Evaluation Reports (EER)

Specialized Wastewater Sector Services Provided by RAE

  • Sanitary sewer modeling and infrastructure sizing
  • Transient analysis of forcemains and pressure system optimization
  • Effluent characterization and treatability studies
  • Process optimization and plant audits
  • Conventional and advanced biological treatment system design and construction
  • Pre-treatment of sewer discharges
  • Treatment of contaminated groundwater
  • Landfill leachate collection and treatment
  • In-house accredited laboratory support
  • Wastewater minimization strategies
  • Sludge and residuals management
  • Plant commissioning and operator training

Specialized Water Sector Services Provided by RAE

  • Treatment equipment technology evaluation
  • Hydraulic modelling of water distribution systems and infrastructure sizing
  • Chlorine decay analysis and water distribution system improvement recomendations 
  • Residuals Management
  • Source Water Protection
  • Treatment Plant Optimization
  • Plant Audits
  • SCADA Systems
  • Instrumentation design and assessment
  • Equipment Supply and Installation
  • Plant Commissioning and Operator Training
  • Engineering Evaluation Reports (EER)