Transportation /

Cost-effective and innovative transportation solutions for the communities delivered on time and budget.

Transportation division of RA Engineering (RAE) is a dedicated team of professionals help to bring value to communities by implementing cost-effective transportation solutions and services ranging from transportation planning & studies, design, engineering, permits & approvals and construction management of transportation infrastructure (roads, highways, bridges, tunnels). 

We closely work with our clients in all phases of the project life cycle from project definition phase to commissioning phase to ensure our client’s and community needs are met cost effectively and within the project schedule.  We also have access to private and institutional investors globally and support with innovative financing measures and public-private partnerships to deliver transportation infrastructure projects anywhere in the world.

RAE’s transportation division will provide transportation planning and detail engineering and construction management services to municipal, commercial, institutional and industrial clients including the followings.

  • Transportation Planning Studies
    • Traffic Assessment
      • Traffic Study
      • Parking Demand Study
      • Transportation Demand Management Plan (TDMP)
      • Traffic Signal Planning Study
      • Travel Demand Forecasting
      • Traffic Reducing/Calming Plans and Strategies
      • Traffic Safety Analysis
    • Traffic Simulation and Planning
      • Multi-Modal Transit and Travel Demand Management Studies
      • Multi-Modal Transit Simulations
      •  Vehicle Maneuvering Plans
      • Highway Traffic Simulations
    • Construction Traffic Planning
      • Haul Route Assessments
      • Construction Access Path Planning
      • Construction Traffic Safety Analysis
      • Axle-load Limitation Assessments
  • Transportation Engineering and Construction Management
    • Highways
    • Arterial Roads
    • Local and Private Roads
    • Intersection Improvements
    • Roundabouts
    • Road Widening
    • Bridges and Culverts
    • Pedestrian Bridges
    • Elevated Highways and Structures
    • Tunnels
    • Sidewalks and multi-use trails
    • Road Drainage
    • Streetscape Improvements
    • Streetscape irrigation
    • Watermains and Sewers
    • Dry utilities (power, com, gas, etc.)