Renewable Energy /

We do applied-research and development of products/plants.

Our planet is increasingly becoming more oil based energy dependent while our oil reserves are almost depleted due to rising demand for oil by rapidly growing economies and highly industrialized economies.  Oil based energy sources are increasingly generating green house gasses that have a great potential for adverse climate change and potential threat for our existence in this planet.  At RAE, we do applied-research and development of products/plants to harness the green energy sources including biomass, wind, solar and hydro.  

We provide the following services required for the design and construction of solar farms, wind farms, hydro-electric stations, tidal power stations, Waste to Energy plants, geothermal plants and other renewable energy sources:

  • Feasibility study, conceptual design and conceptual level cost estimates
  • Environmental assessments and site selection
  • Obtaining approvals from regulating authorities
  • Site plan development and plant layouts
  • Detail design and engineering
  • Detail cost evaluations, financial evaluations (ROI, NPV, etc) and preparation of business plans for interested companies
  • Hosting public meetings
  • Construction, operation and maintenance of such plants/farms

We are also actively working on improving the technologies for conversion of bio-waste into heat/power.  This includes bio-conversion technologies as well as thermal-conversion technologies.